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Versteeg Testing - Het Nieuwe Diep 39b - 1781 AE Den Helder - Tel: 0223 681848 - Mobiel: 06 21415857


As HOC Versteeg Testing BV is an "allround" company, it goes without saying that we provide very divergent services. Below you find a brief enumeration of the services we provide.

  • Visual inspection, maintenance and reparation of all hoisting - and lifting equipment by experienced personnel
  • Loadtesting of all thinkable items
  • Loadtesting of containers, baskets, skids, etc.
  • Penatrating (dyecheck) and MPI inspection of welds
  • Loadtesting and MPI of elevators
  • Pull test on the pullbench
  • Re-certification of hoisting cables
  • Inspection of steelwires on cracks, corrosion or wastage
  • Re-conditioning of steelwires by re-newing lubricant down to the core
  • Instructions for reparations of containers, skids, etc.
  • Advice on hoist- and lifting equipment dbase.
  • Assist with purchase or replacement of hoist equipment
  • Advice and guidance with re-building existing containers, baskets, skids, etc. according the 3-step plan of the NOGEPA guide, number 2
  • Advice with building new containers according EN 12079
  • Mediation with acquisition of hoisting equipment
  • Publication of certificates
  • File keeping of hoistingequipment for our customers
  • Instructions for clients personnel on use and maintenance of hoisting equipment