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For the loadtesting of containers, baskets, etc. we are equipped with various weight simulation devices, which allow these items to be tested quicker and more efficient.

Because our equipment is mobile, all testing can be carried out at your company location, offshore and onshore. This considerably saves time, availability, administration and transport.

  • Certified, mobile testbench
  • Dynamic testbench for testing of chain hoists
  • Elevator Testing Installation
  • Hydraulic "Pad-eye" tester
  • Loadcells and pressurecells
  • Weight simulator - approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping according to the ISO 1496 serie 1 and EN 12079 for testing containers, basket, etc.
  • Penetrate (dyecheck) and MPI equipment
  • Cable condition testing equipment
  • Cable re-conditioning equipment

Weight Simulator

This way of loadtesting offers you many advantages, it saves you transporting costs, crane hire and it is no longer necessary to use weights.

This modern test equipment is suitable for 20 ft. containers, baskets, workunits and tankcontainers. This loadtesting equipment can test up to 80 Ton proofload. We magnetically inspect (MPI) the padeys on cracks before and after the loadtest.

The “Mobile Lifting Simulator Load Testing Equipment” has been approved by Lloyd’s Register, they have issued a “Certificate of Approval” to HOC Versteeg Testing B.V.

The “Mobile Lifting Simulator Load Testing Equipment patent nr. 1022607" complies with the ISO 1496 Series 1 as well as the European Standard for Offshore Containers EN-12079.