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Versteeg Testing - Het Nieuwe Diep 39b - 1781 AE Den Helder - Tel: 0223 681848 - Mobiel: 06 21415857

HOC Versteeg Testing BV

HOC Versteeg Testing BV is a well specialized company for the testing of all sorts of lifting / hoisting tools, containers, baskets, elevators, fall prevention devices, etc. Through the years of experience in this field and the innovative work methods, we are capable to act swiftly, accurately and professional.

With our mobile field service, we are strong in providing the offshore, shipping, harbor, industrial and civil industry in a fast and effective way.

A broad variety of testing devices are part of our equipment pool. Amongst others; loadcells, pressurecells, horizontal and vertical pull benches etc. With these tools we can simulate almost every situation in order to achieve an accurate and well substantiated test report.

Further more we can deliver tailor-made steel wire slings, chains, hoist & lifting tools, soft- & webbing slings, fall arrests.

HOC Versteeg Testing BV is an active member of the EKH (recognized inspection companies for hoisting- and lifting devices) and certified in accordance with VCA* and ISO 9001.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to test either at your company location, national and international, offshore and onshore.